Enlightenment DR 0.22.2 Release

  • 2018-03-15 by Simon Lees

This is a bugfix and stability release for the Enlightenment 22 Release series.

Tickets Addressed
T5910 systray related crashes
T6202 luncher: popup focus issue.
T6211 Login with wrong password possible! “Authentication via PAM had errors setting up the authentication session. The error code was 11”
T6259 BSD CPUClock bryce gadget - arrow moves in the opposite direction
T6328 luncher preview issues
T6414 e moves and resizes maximized windows on restart
T6454 Copy Paste freezes E.
T6617 Better check for evas gl support
T6619 Black flicker between E's splash screen and desktop
T6623 moving gadgets around multiple times crashes E
T6633 make it simpler to report bugs
T6644 wayland / xwayland issues
T6721 Make Bryce Less like a pogostick
T6722 lockscreen gadgets are not shown on “startup lockscreen” and “suspend lockscreen”
T6723 window borders doesn't accept edje icons

Al Poole (5):

  • conf_theme: show appropriate background list.
  • build: fix meson build on FreeBSD.
  • luncher: fix slider on mouse scroll.
  • sysinfo: fix cpuclock for BSD.
  • sysinfo: fix linux build.

Andy Williams (1):

  • Remove E_BITFIELD as it is not present on this branch

Carsten Haitzler (6):

  • e client - fix initial placement of override redirect windows in x….
  • e come client - actually set placed more generally…
  • init anim - fix sudden vanish of init splash in some cases
  • e auth - move all auth to child process only (e_ckpasswd).
  • e systray/indicator protocol pixmap data fetch fix
  • systray - fix sizing of tray so you can see the icons

Christopher Michael (5):

  • conf-randr: No need to set this variable twice
  • vkbd: Remove whitespace
  • vkbd: Fix null pointer dereference
  • wl-drm: get screen geometry after e_comp_wl_init is called
  • wl-drm: sort screen modes and assign zone->output

Derek Foreman (1):

  • Fix potential NULL pointer dereference

Marcel Hollerbach (5):

  • libtool: uninstall: rm -f /home/simon/src/devel/enlightenment/enlightenment-0.22.2/_inst/lib64/enlightenment/modules/conf_shelves/linux-gnu-x86_64-0.22/modul * meson: fix build
  • meson: wl_drm now requires libdrm
  • build: enable -lintl if we find it
  • build: fix build on picky systems
  • build: enter po subdir

Massimo Maiurana (2):

  • Give to gettext correct options to make it able to run.
  • Updating italian translation

Mike Blumenkrantz (31):

  • simplify icon suffix detection in vkbd module
  • refactor E_Storage finding for efm/eeze volumes in backend
  • protect against null deref when emitting efm/eeze error messages
  • print error when failing to unlink efm/eeze mount point after unmount
  • protect against null deref when setting proxy vars in connman module
  • make xwl data offer writing async
  • use e_zone_desk_useful_geometry_get() for all client maximize geometry fetching
  • unset E_Client->changes.pos when attempting to maximize a new re_manage client
  • add a lot of null checks to wayland egl init
  • sort gadgets alphabetically in gadget editor
  • consider gadget ctxpopups as normal popups for callback purposes
  • clear visible gadget popups when triggering a gadget action
  • fix some crashes with start gadget deletion
  • block gadget site layouts on moving gadgets which are not on the pointer site
  • clamp large windows to desk's useful geometry if smart placement fails
  • use normal emotion function to determine playability of e_thumb files
  • add menu item for reporting bugs
  • fix notification crashes when a callback isn't specified
  • don't do x11 window grab for fps counter when running in wayland mode
  • toggle x_fatal variable when xwayland crashes
  • further protect against crashes when xwayland crashes
  • print notifications to stderr if a notification handler doesn't exist
  • resolve even more null derefs from string parsing in vkbd
  • use the current pointer client for the xwayland drag client if owner is unmapped
  • disable bounce for gadget bar scrollers
  • use per-instance event handler for batman powersave eventing
  • process comp object hide/show signals immediately during intercept
  • do not add gadget editor pointer site to editor del_list
  • always unset pass_events on desktop editor when it is shown
  • fix luncher efreet event handling
  • remove adding theme extension for “default” theme on startup

Ross Vandegrift (1):

  • clean up .desktop files and misc typos

Samuel F. Baggen (1):

  • Fix for window borders to accept edje icons

Stefan Schmidt (3):

  • README: no need to mention elementary as dependency
  • meson: make it possible to set the path for eldbus-codegen
  • meson: make it possible to set the path for eet

Stephen Houston (1):

  • Luncher: Add a timeout for mousing out when preview already exists. Update preview on deskswitch.
Enlightenment DR 0.22.2 XZ 4d581ef85246f0cba003427bb9b3758e3de137babea1cdd2affd70a2cbe1632c

The Richie Benaud Release.

Building and Dependencies

If you have an existing EFL or Elementary install, you may wish to delete its header files and libraries before compiling and installing to avoid possible conflicts during compilation. Please compile the dependencies in the following order (click for README):

Note: E22 depends on EFL v1.20.5 or newer.

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