Enlightenment DR 0.24.0 Release

  • 2020-05-17 - by Carsten Haitzler

 Sample cropped screenshot of Enlightenment


  • New and improved shot module with editor and cropper
  • Reduced number of setuid tools (merged many into single system tool)
  • External monitor backlight and brightness controls via (lib)ddctil
  • Improved resolution of EFM thumbnails to 256×256 by default
  • New and improved crash handling guru meditation
  • Restarts are now seamless with fade in and out and zero glitches
  • Wallpaper import generates multiple resolutions for better efficiency
  • Regularly malloc_trim if available to keep mem down
  • All restarts are now handled by enlightenment_start, not e itself
  • Enforce pointer lock to screen in X to stop pointer out-of-bounds
  • Pager plain is gone - use the regular “miniature preview” pager
  • Music control auto-runs your selected media player if not there
  • Handle exception for steam games to find the right desktop file
  • Polkit auth agent support as new core module - no extra daemons
  • Drop comp fast effects - Should be edje transition factor + theme tags
  • Easier config of specific desktop wallpaper straight from pager
  • Startup should be smoother with IO prefetch thread
  • New special blanking timeout for when locked that can be shorter
  • Bluez4 gone now as Bluez5 is done and working fine
  • Down to zero outstanding coverity issues
  • The usual batches of bug fixes and minor improvements
Enlightenment DR 0.24.0 XZ e7bb0d6b2a9661bd0b2ca15c6bca20ec654a01aff8865f9f594efada3a1c0504
Building and Dependencies
  1. libpam (Linux only)

Highly recommended to ensure proper functionality (though you can live without these):

  1. connman (For network configuration support)
  2. bluez5 (For bluetooth configuration and control)
  3. bc (For the evrything module calculator mode)
  4. pulseaudio (For proper audio device control and redirection)
  5. acpid (For systems with ACPI for lid events, AC/Battery plug in/out etc.)
  6. packagekit (For the built in system updates monitoring and updater)
  7. udisks2 (For removable storage mounting/unmounting)
  8. ddcutil (specifically libddcutil.so.2 for backlight control)
  9. gdb (If you want automatic backtraces on a crash in ~/.e-crashdump.txt - don't forget to build EFL and E with gdb debugging to make this useful)

Note: Enlightenment 0.24.0 depends on EFL v1.24.1 or newer.

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