EFL 1.18.2 release

  • 2016-10-18 - by Stefan Schmidt

Our second stable update for the 1.18.x series.

Efl fixes:

  • efreet - fix command generation by fixing string buffer expansion
  • elm_toolbar: Show icons in icon only mode
  • Evas_Common: Fix typo.
  • Evas_Device: Use eo_del() in evas_device_del().
  • ecore_evas x - dont set withdrawn to fals on show but wait for wm state (T4699)
  • ecore-evas - x fix intial iconified state so terminology -I works
  • evas: Fix evas_object_smart_clipped_clipper_get
  • epp: fix memory corruption when using #warning and #error
  • fix edje_cc segv when compiling bling bling theme


efl-1.18.2.tar.gz 05a71b44b1dbcea2492410ca57afe119bcbacb7e89a1984b9eb2422a8803a12a
efl-1.18.2.tar.xz 292faf76557fe56a6bc15b48b5ea3eb1f0790e2ed7f2ade4ae79ef7973d67bed

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