EFL 1.18.3 release

  • 2016-11-25 - by Stefan Schmidt

Our third stable update for the 1.18.x series.

  • eocre animator - the anim thread is polled on shutdown use volatile
  • ecore anim - actually fix by checking fd not thread handle
  • ecore_cocoa: fix handling of some keys
  • ecore audio - fix hang in wayland due to pulse audio connecting to x
  • emotion gst1 module - disable subtitles by default as that should be (T4795)
  • wl_drm and eayland_egl buffer age fix for gl when age changes
efl-1.18.3.tar.gz 914a1145e9854ca0dbc07725865045dbed4d59c7e8b7b9d51ca1ace5540e7f88
efl-1.18.3.tar.xz 0748ec0847f543d96b149cb3a84e6438724e827a38d530922ecb4bd59d3e64c0

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