EFL 1.19.0 beta 2

  • 2017-02-20 - by Stefan Schmidt

With beta2 release is out. Please give it some good testing and let us know about the problems you run into.


http://download.enlightenment.org/rel/libs/efl/efl-1.19.0-beta2.tar.gz ad06b8b92b2167ef940b35056272eea0beb269c7b2ee3dba2b246a6a93036581
http://download.enlightenment.org/rel/libs/efl/efl-1.19.0-beta2.tar.xz ac872ea0b505952928e0dcd8436d4ec78a31781b5863e1d2d1974cc299d75e48


  • ecore-evas-wayland: Fix setting rotation during async render
  • ecore-evas-drm: Fix setting rotation during async render
  • evas textblock: keep previous size when the calculation is skipped
  • Edje calc: Fix textblock size calculation logic
  • ecore-wl2: Fix setting opaque region on a window
  • ecore-wl2: Fix setting input region on a window
  • elm_code: Fix Coverity issues. (CID1356612, CID1368489, CID1371128, CID1371123, CID1368335, CID1371124, CID1371126)
  • elm_code: Another Coverity fix, better this time. (CID1371322)
  • Canvas text: fix clearing existing style (T5187)
  • eina utils: fix build without getpwent.

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