EFL 1.19.1 release

  • 2017-05-22 - by Stefan Schmidt

Our first stable update for the 1.19.x series.

  • elm_image: Fix file_set when preload is disabled
  • elm_code: Fix selection,start signal
  • build: bump minimum version requirement of gnutls to 3.3.6 (T5437)
  • bump minimum version requirement of freetype2 to 16.2.10 which equals release (T5437)
  • evas/elm: Fix bad propagation of ON_HOLD flag
  • evas render: Fix issue with map render
  • nstate: correct the legacy class name
  • check: fix efl_ui_check_selected_set() API
  • elm_code : LINE_APPEND Render fix
  • elm_code: Fix crash on tabs in long lines
efl-1.19.1.tar.xz 8c69eaf5f3489245dff6112394bf3685fb9d6fd3915035fe022f27c554e6cd3a