EFL 1.20.0 beta 2

  • 2017-07-11 - by Stefan Schmidt

Second beta release for the 1.20 release cycle. Please give it some good testing


http://download.enlightenment.org/rel/libs/efl/efl-1.20.0-beta2.tar.xz b0f33bc39b28ea13c2581326b2544f8a75935f0c877ba2db790531021764f82b


  • ecore-x - add ecore x dpms force api
  • Add ecore_win32_cursor_show() API and ecore_evas_win32_cursor_(un)set() functions


  • Emotion: freed allocated string.
  • elm_code: Fix number parsing to include legal separators
  • eina - fix eina_file_virtualize to copy data to an aligned addr
  • eina_file: fix unmap of unmapped region when Eina_File has copied data and not a map; (T5479)
  • ecore-wl2: add display object refs for windows
  • ecore-wl2: create surfaces once compositor global is bound
  • elm_cnp: mark x11 selection as lost when selection is lost in event
  • elm_entry: don't update PRIMARY selection under wayland
  • Add ecore_win32_cursor_show() API and ecore_evas_win32_cursor_(un)set() functions
  • default theme - add signals to pointer theme to fix glitch in x
  • ecore-wl2: Add event handlers even if no data device manager exists
  • elput: Fix support for setting keyboard led(s) (T5655)
  • elput: Update modifers for caps lock
  • popup: fix sizing eval logic when scrollable set TRUE
  • evas font: append global font path when Evas initializes Fontconfig
  • elm: Fix fileselector button “hidden files” (T5465)

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