EFL 1.20.3 release

  • 2017-08-31 - by Stefan Schmidt

Our third update on the 1.20 release.

  • eo: Check refs in efl_data_scope_safe_get (T5869)
  • efl-wl: use correct accessor method for keyboard resource hash
  • elm_widget: do not reparent subobjs to top widget for non-elm objects
  • efl-wl: always dismiss popups on hide
  • efl-wl: handle case where eglBindWaylandDisplay fails
  • ecore: always set delete_me before removing fd from poll
  • efl-wl: initialize seat keymap fd to -1
  • ecore_evas_extn: Fix socket & plug windows
  • elm_test: Fail nicely if plug can't connect
  • evas: make top object returning functions return the top object
  • theme: handle e dialog sizing when no buttons are present
  • wayland: fix num/caps lock handling in events (T5737)
  • elm_box: Fix support of aspect hints (T5888)
  • edje: Fix warning message
  • ecore-wl2: normalize axis event values (T5427)
  • efl-wl: match nested wl seats based on display ordering
  • elm_win: update opaque region for fake windows
  • elm_win: check for wayland engine during finalize by checking for wl win
  • efl_ui_image: maintain geometry for prev image while preloading new image (T5936)
  • theme: fix dialog sizing when no buttons are present
  • Canvas text: fix non-dirty paragraph width calculation (T5939)
  • eina file - use recursive locks for cache and file to avoid deadlock
  • eina mmap safety - only map zeropages if it's an eina file that sigbuses
  • evas: fix invalid return of evas_textgrid_cellrow_get()
  • access: Fix crash in ecore
  • elm init - fix init seq and quicklaunch as we shut down x before evas
  • photocam: Fix key zoom in/out
efl-1.20.3.tar.xz 1273014aff3cd313a315f6745b02958668083726d830873b681fe726b9421191