EFL 1.22.4 release

  • 2019-09-04 - by Mike Blumenkrantz
  • edje signal - let's not crash if something odd happens
  • edje signal matches - try number 3 to try plug all the holes
  • edje - backport fix to opt that actually was a fix to existing bug
  • evas -gl engines - buffer age - bring back fix for changing buffer age
  • eio - don't call cb's after a cancel
  • elm sel mgr - remove event handlers when no drop targets are left
  • theme: fix fileselector search button layout
  • evas vector: set proper parents of clone objects.
  • evas svg: fix missing node opacity attribute.
  • ecore: also error when trying to add an event handler for a type 0 event
  • elm_actionslider: fix internal state when programmatically changing value
  • evas/box: avoid triggering smart_move callback
  • ecore: avoid breaking next main loop start if quit occurs outside of loop
  • evas: fix type checking of Evas pointers in legacy functions
  • evas/map: permit evas_map_free(NULL)
  • ecore_evas buffer: fix a deadlock issue.
  • efl_ui_widget: add safety checks to verify parents aren't being added as children
  • [elm] Add missing sizing eval hook at radio
  • elm/glview: fix glview to (again) return null if context creation fails
  • elm_test/plug: fix error handling
  • elm/ctxpopup: check list existence before trying to delete list items
  • efl_ui/popup: implement efl.file.unload for popup backwall part
  • efl_ui/popup: unset callbacks on win object when parent is removed
  • elm/config: monitor MODIFIED events on config files
  • elm/config: fix config usage with EFL_RUN_IN_TREE set
  • efl_ui/flow.box: fix item calc with mixed weights
  • elm/hoversel: avoid calling api functions on null hoversel objects
  • efl/io: fix race condition with child model deletion
  • eio/poll: avoid ever dereferencing the backend's parent in a thread
  • evas events: fix corrupted mouse events behavior on mapped object.
  • evas_vg: fix alpha animation bug in case of partial update
efl-1.22.4.tar.xz 454002b98922f5590048ff523237c41f93d8ab0a76174be167dea0677c879120