EFL 1.24.1 release

  • 2020-05-11 - by Stefan Schmidt

We collected and backport some fixes in are now ready to release the first stable update for the efl 1.24.x series.


  • edje - don't set font sizes less than 1
  • ecore_evas_x - fix maximize/unmaximize request corner case
  • ecore_evas: only define these eina errors once
  • exactness: remove no longer needed _evas_new()
  • exactness_player: do not test for delay_ms
  • evas + gl - fix callback-to-app-changes-state issue with pixel data
efl-1.24.1.tar.xz 67aafb53926426b245ba934e3a4adc2f465041b9c3cbcabfff8f914367f94bf7

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