EFL 1.24.3 release

  • 2020-06-17 - by Stefan Schmidt

We are happy to release the third stable update for our 1.24.x series.


  • evas - csd and wl csd - fix alpha zeroing to avoid framespace junk
  • evas - genetic update regions smart merge - merge v adjacent regions
  • efreet - handle runtime relocation right with default XDG_DATA_DIRS
  • edje: fix animation memory leak.
  • canvas vg: fix dangling vector containers.
  • evas vg: clean up dangling instances
  • canvas vg: fix vector file data memory leak.
  • efl gfx_path: fix memory leak.
  • efl_ui_image: fixed elm_image_preload_disabled_set api is not working when it is called before file set
efl-1.24.3.tar.xz de95c6e673c170c1e21382918b122417c091c643e7dcaced89aa785529625c2a

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