Ephoto 1.0 Beta2

  • 2016-08-29 - by Stephen M Houston

Ephoto 1.0 Beta2 is now available for download. This comes two weeks after Beta1. There was a great response to the first beta, with very valuable feedback that has allowed for the second beta to be released. This will be the final beta that will be released prior to Ephoto 1.0. Please begin testing the application and reporting any bugs or feedback to http://phab.enlightenment.org .

You can find the tarballs here:



Ephoto is a comprehensive image/photo viewer written in C and using the Enlightened Foundation Libraries. The application supports file system browsing for photos and images, enhancement and editing features, and moving slideshows.

Interested in learning more about Ephoto? Please visit the Ephoto page at http://www.smhouston.us/ephoto/ as well as http://phab.enlightenment.org/w/projects/ephoto/

Thank you for your support over the years and happy testing!!

Stephen Houston

Ephoto 1.0 Beta 2: Highlights:

  • Improve stability
  • Many Fixes


Author: Stephen okra Houston smhouston88@gmail.com

  • Add an exit icon to the control bar. Update slideshow icons. Use efreet for XDG.
  • Add back in sorting by image similarity, this time with the crashing and bugs eliminated.
  • add small icon
  • Add sorting by image similarity.
  • Better checking for XDG_CONFIG_HOME.
  • Check for null on returning text in the editor genlist.
  • Custom icon.
  • Don't allow escape to return to the thumb view when the editor is open.
  • Don't disable/enable similarity sorting now that sorting mode is retained.
  • Don't disable the similarity sorting at the wrong time.
  • Don't switch directory when genlist is clicked but an item is not (i.e.. scrolling)
  • Don't warn, as this behavior is perfectly normal.
  • Enable rotating from the right click menu in single view.
  • Fix a monitor bug.
  • Fix some warnings and potential crashes. Improve safety checking.
  • Fix tooltips causing box to lose sizing.
  • Fix up single browser right click menu.
  • Install thumbnailer to the lib directory.
  • Make sure titlebar text is accurate and show as modified in the titlebar when the image has been edited.
  • oops. Put the . in the correct place in the thumbnail dir.
  • Remember similarity sorting on dir change.
  • Remove warnings and potential crash by unsetting the fileselector from the popup before deleting.
  • Replace another direct_ls with stat_ls
  • Require EFL 1.18.
  • Save thumbnails in $HOME/.thumbnails
  • Select and bring in the current item when going from single view to thumb view.
  • The directory chosen in the config panel should be the root directory, not actually /
  • Update config about with new image.
  • Update label for config directory setting. Fix crash while changing directories in single view.
  • Update spec.
  • Update thumb dir to be .cache/ephoto/thumbnails/ .. Use XDG_CONFIG_HOME if available, else use HOME/.config
  • Update year in copyright.
  • Use eina_file_stat_ls as eina_file_direct_ls does not work on bsd.
  • Use new indent style on the genlist non tree items.
  • USE XDG_CACHE_HOME/ephoto/thumbnails if XDG_CACHE_HOME exists, otherwise use $HOME/.cache/ephoto/thumbnails

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