Ephoto 1.0 Beta3

  • 2017-03-29 - by Stephen M Houston

Ephoto 1.0 Beta3 is now available for download. This comes several months after beta2. There was overwhelming support and requests following the second beta. The largest part of this feedback was that the transparent overlapping panels that auto-hid would be better served as normal style panels that didn’t overlap. This was a fairly large change and thus with the pending release of EFL 1.19, a third and final beta was ultimately the best way to proceed. This will be the final beta and the official release will happen in tandem with EFL 1.19.

Please test this release and reporting any bugs or feedback to http://phab.enlightenment.org.

You can find the tarballs here:



Ephoto is a comprehensive image/photo viewer written in C and using the Enlightened Foundation Libraries. The application supports file system browsing for photos and images, enhancement and editing features, and moving slideshows.

Interested in learning more about Ephoto? Please visit the Ephoto page at http://www.smhouston.us/ephoto/ as well as http://phab.enlightenment.org/w/projects/ephoto/

Thank you for your support over the years and happy testing!!

Stephen Houston

Ephoto 1.0 Beta 3: Highlights:

  • Removed overlapping/autohiding panels
  • Improved Settings Panel
  • Windows Support
  • Improved stability
  • Many More Fixes


  • Make Ephoto compile/work on Windows and Mac OS X
  • Make sure the search box expands so its visible.
  • Hide controls on edit, fix a bug with undo+redo, improve settings popup.
  • Use a table+show/hide commands rather than naviframe to avoid event conflicts.
  • Close the edit panel if going back to thumb view.
  • In preparation for release, remove the overlapping autohide panels per overwhelming user requests.
  • Only show the exit button when the window is fullscreen.
  • Fix range of coverity warnings
  • Scale initial window size configuration
  • Don't use evas_object_data_set on elm_object_items
  • Fix segfault on directory single click
  • Fix dnd bug when switching from grid to single view.
  • Smooth fade the filesel out instead of a choppy transition.
  • Revert fix for dragging.
  • Fix orient handling with regards to undo/redo
  • Trailing whitespace cleanup - memcpy fix.
  • Fix handling of history and applying of edits.
  • Cancel drag on mouse up.
  • Fix file operation crashes caused by thread nastiness.
  • When a custom directory is open, expand from the configured open directory to that directory if possible.
  • Single browser: avoid segfault when path is NULL
  • Avoid segfault when label is NULL
  • Fix opening of images from command.
  • Allow images to be drag and dropped in the thumb grid.
  • Use a transition of the directory browser rolling down into the button to give users a better hint about how to reshow it.
  • Filter processing popup should use the win as parent and block clicking other filters while the current one is still processing.

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