Enventor v1.0 Release

  • 2016-08-31 - by Hermet Park

New version of Enventor released!

Demo Video
Changes since Enventor 0.9.0:


  • Tooltips: Newly supported.
  • Wireframe: Newly introduced.
  • File Tab: Newly introduced.
  • Reference Popup: Newly introduced.
  • A lot of Enventor APIs are changed.


  • EDC Editor: Rearrange searched part to be placed in center.
  • EDC Editor: Support to jump to the part define.
  • File Borwser: Set current directory as a workspace in default.
  • File Browser: add a function to set a main edc file with a marker.
  • File Browser: Display sorted file list based on file type.
  • File Browser: Skip files if their names were started with dot.
  • Template: Add various samples.
  • New File: Sort template list in alphabetical order.
  • Help: Update overall content.
  • Setting: Apply layze style to syntax color template code.
  • Setting: Add the main EDC file path.
  • Live Edit: support base_scale values.
  • Console: Apply syntax color for error messages:.
  • EDC Parser: Identify whole macro functions to have syntax color.
  • Support vector type part.
  • Update overall GUIs & Shortcut keys.
  • Support individual group view size and view scale.
  • Limit to an single Enventor instance.
  • Update Syntax color keywords.
  • Allow multi-file editor.


  • Template: Fix Map template code typo.
  • Template: don't localize floats in the relative values.
  • Statusbar: Fix an incorrect view size.
  • Indentation: Fix a incorrect indentation in a corner case.
  • Live Edit: Fix incorrect stacking.
  • Live Edit: Fix an added object to have min size properly.
  • Live Edit: Dismiss ctxpopup when view position is changed.
  • Goto: Fix window closing issue.
  • Setting: Fix to not abuse user Elementary configuration file.
  • Setting: Reset font style properly.
  • EDC Editor: Show images on cursor “images.image”.
  • EDC Editor: Fix to remove focus highlight on template seletion button.
  • Fix many crash scenarios.
  • Fix a dummy swallow/spacer selection bug.
  • Fix Undo's indiscriminate red alert.
  • Fix build break on Win32.
Enventor 1.0.0 GZIP c4a9511ed707f6849dcc6d4c8f260095fb54cba2e5baa977d54d32bdee187abb
Enventor 1.0.0 XZ 3e066cd10f370b8de127cb31c0ab72723950d323449c7d3a88e32882b31bd19d

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