Implement this method to perform special actions when your object loses its parent, if you need to.

It is called when the parent reference is lost or set to NULL. After this call returns, Efl.Object.invalidated is set to true. This allows a simpler tear down of complex hierarchies, by performing object destruction in two steps, first all object relationships are broken and then the isolated objects are destroyed. Performing everything in the Efl.Object.destructor can sometimes lead to deadlocks, but implementing this method is optional if this is not your case. When an object with a parent is destroyed, it first receives a call to Efl.Object.invalidate and then to Efl.Object.destructor. See the Life Cycle section in this class' description.

Since 1.22

Overridden from Efl.Object.invalidate.


invalidate {}

C signature

void efl_invalidate(Eo *obj);

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