An orientation type, to rotate and flip images.

This is similar to EXIF's orientation. Directional values (up, down, left, right) indicate the final direction in which the top of the image will be facing (e.g. a picture of a house will have its roof pointing to the right if the right orientation is used). Flipping values (flip_horizontal and flip_vertical) can be additionally added to produce a mirroring in each axis. Not to be confused with Efl.Ui.Layout_Orientation which is meant for widgets, rather than images and canvases. This enum is used to rotate images, videos and the like.

Since 1.23


  • none - Default, same as up, do not rotate.
  • up - Orient up, do not rotate.
  • right - Orient right, rotate 90 degrees clock-wise.
  • down - Orient down, rotate 180 degrees.
  • left - Orient left, rotate 270 degrees clock-wise.
  • rotation_bitmask - Bitmask that can be used to isolate rotation values, that is, none, up, down, left and right.
  • flip_horizontal - Mirror horizontally. Can be added to the other values.
  • flip_vertical - Mirror vertically. Can be added to the other values.
  • flip_bitmask - Bitmask that can be used to isolate flipping values, that is, flip_vertical and flip_horizontal.


enum Efl.Gfx.Image_Orientation {
    none: 0,
    up: 0,
    right: 1,
    down: 2,
    left: 3,
    rotation_bitmask: 3,
    flip_horizontal: 4,
    flip_vertical: 8,
    flip_bitmask: 12

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