Get children slice OR full range.

children_slice_get behaves in two different ways, it may provide the slice if count is non-zero OR full range otherwise.

Since 'slice' is a range, for example if we have 20 childs a slice could be the range from 3(start) with 4(count), see:

child 0 [no] child 1 [no] child 2 [no] child 3 [yes] child 4 [yes] child 5 [yes] child 6 [yes] child 7 [no]

Optionally the user can call children_count_get to know the number of children so a valid range can be known in advance.

See Efl.Model.children_count_get

Since 1.14


children_slice_get @pure_virtual {
    params {
        @in start: uint;
        @in count: uint;
    return: free(future<free(accessor<free(Efl.Object, efl_del)>, eina_accessor_free)>, efl_del);

C signature

Efl_Future *efl_model_children_slice_get(Eo *obj, unsigned int start, unsigned int count);


  • start (in) - Range begin - start from here.
  • count (in) - Range size. If count is 0, start is ignored.

Implemented by

  • Efl.Model.children_slice_get