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The Enlightenment Project covers more than simple window management. Whether you're a user, developer, or just someone looking for some good bathroom material, if you are in need of answers, you should find something of interest here.

We have migrated now to using phabricator as our collaboration tool, so our wiki is here. There is also the older trac wiki available (please note that some pages also reside in the very old wiki, but it is old and out of date).

API documentation for both the latest release and the current development version(auto-generated daily from SVN source) for EFL libraries is on the right.

Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL)

In addition to API documents, there are wiki pages that are community maintained and editable, that cover an overview of what EFL is about as well as specific pages per library.

The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries -- A Big Picture [PDF]

A high level overview of the EFL. This document describes the general concepts behind all of our technology. If you are a newcomer to any part of it, this document is for you.
Written by Gustavo Lima Chaves