How to Contribute to EFL and Enlightenment

Whether you're an end-user or a developer there are ways to get involved in the Enlightenment Project. Below you'll find various ways you can help out, from offering your time to improve the project's documentation or provide patches to offering to maintain the servers or supply hardware for development and testing.

However you want to contribute, know that your contribution will always be warmly received and go towards making the Enlightenment Project the best it can possibly be.

Information on the current status of Enlightenment Project development, along with a list of open issues requiring attention, can be found on Gitea. Assistance with any and all of the listed tickets is always welcome.

Contributing Time

If you have free time help is always welcome, with a variety of areas suited to different skill sets.

If you have development skills you'll find ways to contribute in the Developer Contributions section, from resolving issues raised in Gitea and submitting changes. You'll also find information for joining the official IRC channels and mailing lists, where you can ask for assistance in getting started with the Enlightenment code base and receive feedback on your proposals.

If you have good written skills you'll find guidelines for contributing to project documentation in the Documentation Contributions section. Whether you want to write lengthy tutorials or simply fix a spelling mistake, your assistance will always be gratefully received.

Other skill sets, including translators to assist with bringing the Enlightenment ecosystem to as many users in their native languages as possible and designers to work on new Enlightenment and application themes, are welcome to contribute too. Join the official IRC channel and ask how you can help.

Terminology has been translated into several languages already. If your language is missing or incomplete, please use Weblate to help translate Terminology.

Contributing Financially

The Enlightenment Project is run by the Enlightenment Association, a non-profit organization registered under French law. Donations of money, support, or equipment are always welcome, and go fully to help maintain the Enlightenment Project and improve the ecosystem for all its users.

You can contribute by offering to maintain our servers for the website, git repositories, mailing lists, and other Enlightenment services, by promoting the Enlightenment project at events such as FOSDEM, ELC, and LinuxTag etc. For more information on these methods of contribution, please get in touch via the official IRC channel or mailing list.

Monetary donations are also always welcome, with 100 percent of your contribution going to support development and distribution of Enlightenment, the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL), and the Enlightenment application ecosystem. To donate to the Enlightenment Project via cryptocurrency, PayPal, or Flattr, please use the links below. There is no minimum amount for your donation - every penny counts towards maintaining and improving the Enlightenment ecosystem.