The latest releases of Packages can always be found here:


Older Releases

It is recommended to build them in this order:

  • EFL
  • Evas Generic Loaders
  • Emotion Generic Players
  • Elementary
  • Enlightenment (other apps etc.)

Recommended requirements for all releases to the right are:

  • libc
  • zlib
  • freetype2
  • fontconfig
  • fribidi
  • harfbuzz
  • opengl2.0 / opengles-2 (depending on target)
  • libpng
  • libjpeg
  • libtiff
  • libgif / giflib
  • librsvg
  • libx11
  • libxext
  • libxrender
  • libxcomposite
  • libxdamage
  • libxfixes
  • libxrandr
  • libxinerama
  • libxss
  • libxp
  • libxtest
  • libxdpms
  • libxcursor
  • libxprint
  • libxkbfile
  • libxcb
  • libxcb-keysyms
  • libxcb-shape
  • libudev
  • libdbus
  • libasound / alsa
  • libpoppler
  • libraw
  • libspectre
  • gstreamer (1.x, optional 0.10)
  • libxine (nice alternate codec for emotion
  • libvlc / vlc (for Emotion Generic Players)
  • luajit (optional lua5.1 or lua5.2 (not 5.0))
  • libwebp / webp (webp codec support for evas - optional)
  • libbullet / bullet
  • libmount / util-linux
  • libssl / openssl
  • libcurl / curl
  • libdbus / dbus
  • libpulse / pulseaudio

EFL 1.13.0

Core libraries.


Elementary 1.13.0

Widget set/toolkit.


Emotion Generic Players 1.13.0

Extra video decoders.


Evas Generic Loaders 1.13.0

Extra image decoders.


Python EFL 1.13.0

Python bindings for EFL and Elementary.


Enventor 0.5.0

Dynamic EDC editor to write your layout fast and easy.


Enlightenment 0.19.4

The Compositing Window Manager and Desktop Shell


Terminology 0.8.0

The best terminal emulator written with the EFL.


Expedite 1.7.9

Performance and correctness test suite for Evas.


Exquisite 1.0.0

Bootsplash program able to render in Framebuffer, or X11 that is easy to integrate with existing boot setups (sysvinit or systemd) via messaging (pipe or socket) as well as customise look and feel via Edje.


Econnman 1.1

Econnman is a user interface for the connman network connection manager.


Epour 0.6.0

Epour is a BitTorrent client.



Unofficial packages are available for several platforms including:

There are no guarantees if these packages will work as expected. If you experience any problems with DR17 or the EFL using the packages, please first refer to the packagers, not to the Enlightenment team.


Some Linux distributions are Enlightenment-centric. Here is a list:

Download Enlightenment DR16

There are a few different ways to get Enlightenment depending on your requirements.

The latest version of DR16 is 1.0.16, released on February 21st, 2015. Packages for the current, and previous, releases of DR16, core themes, epplets, e16menuedit, e16keyedit, and imlib2 can be found on the SourceForge download page

DR16 is available on a number of different *NIX platforms. Please choose from the list of available distributions the one that is right for you.

Distribution/Platform Archive Comments
Source Code TAR.GZ e16-1.0.16.tar.gz  
Source Package RPM e16-1.0.16-1.fc21.src.rpm  
Linux ix86 Binary RPM e16-1.0.16-1.fc21.i686.rpm  
Linux x86_64 Binary RPM e16-1.0.16-1.fc21.x86_64.rpm  
Gentoo Linux e16 ebuilds