Requests keyname key events be directed to obj.

Key grabs allow one or more objects to receive key events for specific key strokes even if other objects have focus. Whenever a key is grabbed, only the objects grabbing it will get the events for the given keys.

keyname is a platform dependent symbolic name for the key pressed.

modifiers and not_modifiers are bit masks of all the modifiers that must and mustn't, respectively, be pressed along with keyname key in order to trigger this new key grab. Modifiers can be things such as Shift and Ctrl as well as user defined types via @ref evas_key_modifier_add. exclusive will make the given object the only one permitted to grab the given key. If given true, subsequent calls on this function with different obj arguments will fail, unless the key is ungrabbed again.

Providing impossible modifier sets creates undefined behavior.

Since 1.22


key_grab {
    params {
        @in keyname: string;
        @in modifiers: Efl.Input.Modifier;
        @in not_modifiers: Efl.Input.Modifier;
        @in exclusive: bool;
    return: bool @no_unused;

C signature

Eina_Bool efl_canvas_object_key_grab(Eo *obj, const char *keyname, Efl_Input_Modifier modifiers, Efl_Input_Modifier not_modifiers, Eina_Bool exclusive);


  • keyname (in) - The key to request events for.
  • modifiers (in) - A combination of modifier keys that must be present to trigger the event.
  • not_modifiers (in) - A combination of modifier keys that must not be present to trigger the event.
  • exclusive (in) - Request that the obj is the only object receiving the keyname events.

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