Apply a zoom to the object, using absolute coordinates.

This zooms the points of the map from a center point. That center is defined by cx and cy. The zoomx and zoomy parameters specify how much to zoom in the X and Y direction respectively. A value of 1.0 means "don't zoom". 2.0 means "double the size". 0.5 is "half the size" etc.

The coordinates of the center point are given in absolute canvas coordinates. See also Efl.Gfx.Mapping.zoom for a pivot-based zoom.

Since 1.22


zoom_absolute {
    params {
        @in zoomx: double;
        @in zoomy: double;
        @in cx: double;
        @in cy: double;

C signature

void efl_gfx_mapping_zoom_absolute(Eo *obj, double zoomx, double zoomy, double cx, double cy);


  • zoomx (in) - Zoom in X direction
  • zoomy (in) - Zoom in Y direction
  • cx (in) - X absolute coordinate in pixels of the center point.
  • cy (in) - y absolute coordinate in pixels of the center point.

Implemented by