Add an event callback forwarder that will make this object emit an event whenever another object (source) emits it. The event is said to be forwarded from source to this object.

The event is unaffected on source and behave like any other event being propagated on any object and will trigger all the handler registered on source like nothing special happened.

This allow object that hide internally another object to easily be able to propagate an event without the need to add custom handler.

The priority is used to make sure that you are intercepting the event when you expect by inserting a handler at the right position in the stack of event handler on the object that emit the event.

Since 1.22


event_callback_forwarder_priority_add {
    params {
        @in desc: const(Efl.Event_Description);
        @in priority: Efl.Callback_Priority;
        @in source: Efl.Object;

C signature


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