Brings the passed item into the viewport and align it.

align selects the final position of the object inside the viewport. 0.0 will move the object to the first visible position inside the viewport, 1.0 will move it to the last visible position, and values in between will move it accordingly to positions in between, along the scrolling axis.

Since 1.23


item_scroll_align {
    params {
        @in item: Efl.Ui.Item;
        @in align: double;
        @in animation: bool;

C signature

void efl_ui_collection_item_scroll_align(Eo *obj, Efl_Ui_Item *item, double align, Eina_Bool animation);


  • item (in) - The target to move into view.
  • align (in) - 0.0 to have this item at the upper or left side of the viewport, 1.0 to have this item at the lower or right side of the viewport.
  • animation (in) - If you want to have an animated transition.

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