The image name, using icon standards names.

For example, freedesktop.org defines standard icon names such as "home" and "network". There can be different icon sets to match those icon keys. The "name" given as parameter is one of these "keys" and will be used to look in the freedesktop.org paths and elementary theme.

If the name is not found in any of the expected locations and is the absolute path of an image file, this image will be used. Lookup order used by Efl.Ui.Image.icon.set can be set using "icon_theme" in config.

If the image was set using Efl.File.file instead of Efl.Ui.Image.icon.set, then reading this property will return null.

The image set by this function is changed when Efl.File.load is called.
This function does not accept relative icon paths.

See also Efl.Ui.Image.icon.get.

Since 1.23


  • name - The icon name

Overridden from Efl.Ui.Image.icon (get, set).


@property icon {
    get {}
    set {
        return: bool;
    values {
        name: string;

C signature

const char *efl_ui_image_icon_get(const Eo *obj);
Eina_Bool efl_ui_image_icon_set(Eo *obj, const char *name);

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