• key - The data field's key string


  • val - The data's value string.


Retrives an EDC data field's value from a given Edje object's group.

This function fetches an EDC data field's value, which is declared on the objects building EDC file, under its group. EDC data blocks are most commonly used to pass arbitrary parameters from an application's theme to its code.

EDC data fields always hold strings as values, hence the return type of this function. Check the complete "syntax reference" for EDC files.

This is how a data item is defined in EDC: collections { group { name: "a_group"; data { item: "key1" "value1"; item: "key2" "value2"; } } }

Do not confuse this call with edje_file_data_get(), which queries for a global EDC data field on an EDC declaration file.

Since 1.21


@property group_data @pure_virtual {
    get {
        keys {
            key: free(string, free);
        values {
            val: free(string, free);

C signature

const char *efl_layout_group_data_get(const Eo *obj, const char *key);

Implemented by

  • Efl.Layout.Group.group_data