Set a multiplier for applying finger size to the layout.

By default, any widget which inherits from this class will apply the finger_size global config value with a 1:1 width:height ratio during sizing calculations. This will cause the widget to scale its size based on the finger_size config value.

To disable finger_size in a layout's sizing calculations, set the multipliers for both axes to 0.

Since 1.23


  • multiplier_x - Multiplier for X axis.
  • multiplier_y - Multiplier for Y axis.


@property finger_size_multiplier {
    get {}
    set {}
    values {
        multiplier_x: uint;
        multiplier_y: uint;

C signature

void efl_ui_layout_finger_size_multiplier_get(const Eo *obj, unsigned int *multiplier_x, unsigned int *multiplier_y);
void efl_ui_layout_finger_size_multiplier_set(Eo *obj, unsigned int multiplier_x, unsigned int multiplier_y);

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