Enable quitting the main loop when all windows are closed.

When set, the main loop will quit with the passed exit code once all windows have been closed.

The Eina.Value passed should be EMPTY to unset this state or an int value to be used as the exit code.

Note this is different from Efl.Ui.Win.exit_on_close which exits when a given window is closed.

Since 1.22


  • exit_code - The exit code to use when exiting.


@property exit_on_all_windows_closed @static {
    get {}
    set {}
    values {
        exit_code: const(any_value_ref);

C signature

const Eina_Value *efl_ui_win_exit_on_all_windows_closed_get();
void efl_ui_win_exit_on_all_windows_closed_set(const Eina_Value *exit_code);

Implemented by