Returns an iterator over the current known pointer positions.

This is used to iterate over the current known multi-touch positions, including the first finger. Each pointer position is represented by an object of type Efl.Input.Pointer.

Each finger in a multi touch environment can then be identified by the Efl.Input.Pointer.touch_id property. The order of the pointers in this iterator is not defined.

If the input surface supports hovering input, some pointers may not be in a "down" state. To retrieve the list of such pointers, set the hover value to true. Remember though that most devices currently don't support this.

Since 1.22


pointer_iterate @beta @const {
    params {
        @in hover: bool @optional;
    return: iterator<const(Efl.Input.Pointer)>;

C signature

Eina_Iterator *efl_ui_win_pointer_iterate(const Eo *obj, Eina_Bool hover);


  • hover (in) - false by default, true means to include fingers that are currently hovering.

Implemented by