Building EFL for Nvidia

EFL defaults to using OpenGL-ES and EGL. This is by far the most widely supported set of OpenGL APIs with drivers. Nvidia support both full OpenGL/GLX and OpenGL-ES/EGL as do all the OSS Mesa drivers and various embedded platforms only support OpenGL-ES/EGL. Unfortunately there is a Nvidia-specific problem. Performance with EGL/GL-ES is bad (you will get stuttering) and other glitch bugs will happen too. Users have reported this and the solution appears to be to switch to full OpenGL/GLX as opposed to OpenGL-ES/EGL. The long-term solution is to report issues to Nvidia and have them fix things or to move away from Nvidia GPUs to ones with better support. Our recommendation by far is to stick to hardware that has proper full Open Source driver support, and that does not include Nvidia.

To do this you will need to recompile EFL. You will need to ensure the meson build options have -Dopengl=full as the OpenGL build option. You also will have to ensure the DRM and Wayland options are not enabled as these depend on OpenGL-ES/EGL and cannot work with GLX. If they are enabled, switch them to being disabled with -Ddrm=false and -Dwl=false.

You will also need to ensure Enlightenment itself is also built without Wayland support so has -Dwl=false or no Wayland option set to true.