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EFL 1.22.2 release

  • 2019-05-01 - by Mike Blumenkrantz
  • ecore-drm2: Make atomic property values support uint64_t
  • elm_atspi_bridget: Fix resource leak (CID1399424)
  • elput: Remove useless call to eldbus_message_unref
  • efl_core_command_line: Fix resource leak (CID1399105)
  • ecore-evas-x: Fix double free (CID1382851)
  • elm_theme: Check the ref count to delete or unref.
  • elc_hoversel: Fix crash when no sd->last_location
  • ecore drm2 - fix timeout in case case called from thread
efl-1.22.2.tar.xz 1699891f825911622de0aa77fe1140eff7335aba619d2352485e54dcff6b1cd0

EFL 1.22.1 release

  • 2019-04-17 - by Mike Blumenkrantz

Our first update on the 1.22 release series.

  • remove vpath test for user dir the test was broken and fixing is insane (T7728)
  • tests - fix check header to always include eina due to windows
  • evas - fix crash/junk pixel content but with tiled rotate at 270 + neon
  • tests - remove one of the eina strtod tests as libc is failing
  • ecore_imf: do not loop forever on shutdown when there is no more a display
  • efl_ui_list: fix to delete sub objects in efl_object_invalidate
  • efl_ui_widget: Fix disabled set calling without meaning. (T7799)
efl-1.22.1.tar.xz 20d3e5e945d54ae46ec916c7341b5dec24f904b6c0123b4d3ecb8cd8d596ae12

Enlightenment Foundation Libraries 1.22 Release

  • 2019-04-05 - by Mike Blumenkrantz

This is version 1.22 of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, featuring over 2000 patches from developers around the world.

efl-1.22.tar.xz 6ac87450cb55a5948c550dbeb05464f5fc1b0616c52dcb1cb2efbda73999c8ef

What's New

The primary focus of this release has been stabilizing the EO library as well as an initial set of unified API which is based on it. This release also includes work on language bindings for EFL in C# and C++.

Please see the NEWS file for more details.


(git log –pretty=oneline v1.21.0..v1.22.0 | wc -l)
Number of commits in 1.22: 2152
Number of commits in 1.21: 4954

(git shortlog -ns v1.21.0..v1.22.0 | wc -l)
Number of authors in 1.22: 55
Number of authors in 1.21: 96

(git diff –stat v1.20.1..v1.21.0 | tail -1)
3154 files changed, 169564 insertions(+), 79861 deletions(-)
3217 files changed, 281935 insertions(+), 137611 deletions(-) in 1.21

Building and Dependencies

If you have an existing EFL or Elementary install, you may wish to delete its header files and libraries before compiling and installing to avoid possible conflicts during compilation. Please refer to the README for a full list of dependencies, explanations on configure flags and other relevant information. Default dependencies are:

  • bullet
  • libpng
  • libjpeg
  • gstreamer (1.x, 0.10 support optional. Ensure all codecs you want are installed.)
  • zlib
  • luajit (lua 5.1 or 5.2 support optional)
  • libtiff
  • openssl
  • curl
  • dbus
  • libc
  • fontconfig
  • freetype2
  • fribidi
  • libpulse
  • libsndfile
  • libx11
  • libxau
  • libxcomposite
  • libxdamage
  • libxdmcp
  • libxext
  • libxfixes
  • libxinerama
  • libxrandr
  • libxrender
  • libxss
  • libxtst
  • libxcursor
  • libxp
  • libxi (2.2 or newer)
  • libgl (opengl/glx or opengl-es2/egl)
  • giflib
  • util-linux (limbount + libblkid)
  • systemd / libudev
  • poppler / poppler-cpp
  • libraw
  • libspectre
  • librsvg

Recommended requirements (highly recommended):

  • harfbuzz
  • libwebp
  • libunwind (where available)

Enable these with configure options:

--enable-xinput22 \
--enable-systemd \
--enable-image-loader-webp \
--enable-harfbuzz \
--enable-multisense \

On linux to get framebuffer support you may want to also do:


If you want wayland support also add:

--enable-wayland \
--enable-elput \

At runtime if you want thumbnailing for DOC/PPT/XLS etc. files also provide: libreoffice

Terminology 1.4.0 Release

  • 2019-03-31 - by Boris Faure

In the northern hemisphere, it is already spring. The flowers are starting to bloom again, trees are budding… It is also a time to start fresh and release those 250+ commits written during long winter nights. I am thus proud to release Terminology 1.4.0 today!

  • Add Continuous Integration on every push to the git repository
  • Add a test framework on escape code parsing and interpreting
  • Add more than 120 test files
  • Add finer configuration on whether to activate links
  • Set environment variable WINDOWID
  • Selections only disappear if the underlying content changes
  • When pasting a buffer, skip control characters as a security measure
  • Fixes, along with tests, on handling the following escape codes: VPR, DECERA, DECFRA, DSR-CPR, DCH, DECALN, DECAWM, IL, DL
  • Fixes, along with tests, on mouse reporting
  • Fixes on issues spotted by Coverity
Terminology 1.4.0 XZ ed5904ba5eb11c67790964306ec260b4134e2a443ef5abd5105610d9943b3e60

EFL 1.22.0 beta 2

  • 2019-03-19 - by Stefan Schmidt

We are pleased to announce the beta 2 release for the 1.22 release cycle. One week after beta1, but still some days delayed from the original schedule. Please help by testing and fixing bugs.

For meson tarball for testing purpose has also been updated here. (sha256 sum).


LINK SHA256 7e1b44481c0bfd398c337a32bc4464b7b7eb82148514445f347985bc6e303b9e


  • eo: Fix missing varags cleanup (CID1399080)
  • efl_core_command_line: Fix logically dead code (CID1399106)
  • efl_ui_widget_common: Fix potential resource leak (CID1399088)
  • efl_ui_selection_manager: Fix unchecked return value (CID1399092)
  • evas_device: Fix dereferencing null pointer (CID1399091)
  • efl_ui_stack: Fix dereference null return value (CID1399082)
  • efl_ui_datepicker: Fix uninitialized scalar value (CID1397006)
  • efl_ui_grid: Fix dereferencing null pointer (CID1397000)
  • ecore_con: Fix dereferencing of null pointer (CID1396990)
  • elm_atspi_bridge: Fix resource leak (CID1399429)
  • efl_ui_win: Fix dereference null return value (CID1399428)
  • efl_ui_win: Fix dereference null return (CID1399427)
  • efl_ui_win: Fix dereference null return (CID1399426)
  • efl_ui_win: Fix dereference null return value (CID1399425)
  • efreet: Fix resource leak (CID1399090)
  • efl_ui_text: Fix resource leak (CID1396998)
  • eldbus: Fix dereference after null check (CID1399422)
  • efl_ui_focus_manager_calc: Fix resource leaks (CID1396984, CID1396965)
  • elm_focus_legacy: Fix resource leaks (CID1399096, CID1399095)
  • eldbus: Fix resource leak (CID1399097)

EFL 1.22.0 beta 1

  • 2019-03-12 - by Stefan Schmidt

A bit delayed for various small reason we are pleased to announce the beta 1 release for the 1.22 release cycle. From this point forward the focus is on ironing out bugs in the code base to make a solid release. Please help by testing and fixing bugs.

For meson tarball for testing purpose has also been updated here. (sha256 sum).


LINK SHA256 a06316c7f859d4ea15eea6bd8409fba1b32996cf85a3232dad82ab4279f09846


  • ecore-con/proxy_helper: fix in-tree run path (T6713)
  • efreet: simplify and fix efreetd launch (T6713)
  • build: always check for fork() and clearenv()
  • popup: fix popup sizing when scroll enabled. (T6886)
  • evas gl-x11 engine - nvidia driver - fix performance drop
  • canvas vg_loader: close opened file after using it.
  • elm/win: correctly track and set x11 shaped state
  • evas textblock: adds missing legacy types
  • canvas render: stop render_pre/post cb if it didn't render.
  • Evas text textblock: call evas_font_free even on null fonts
  • emile image: close file properly.
  • examples/evas: do not attempt to free animator on window delete (T7000)
  • ecore_evas: when window resized in ecore_evas, check evas rotate state.
  • elm_code: (cherry-pick) Fix cusor pos after newline when indenting with tabs
  • ecore x - fix vsync to not block amdgpu drivers
  • elm_code_widget: resize cursor at time of font change. (T6470)
  • evas canvas: fix not to trigger unnecessary events.
  • build: fix rpath for binaries which use ecore-x dependencies
  • elm/genlist: remove conditional in _calc_job for verifying show_item code (T6368)
  • elementary image: don't calc size using empty ones.
  • evas image: fix screen flickering issue at partial + image preloading
  • edje_cc: change .mo file write location to be relative to the .edj file
  • theme: add programs for deferred naviframe push/pop signals
  • edje: unset internal _need_imf flag on shutdown
  • elm_panel: return instead of EINA_SAFETY_ON_FALSE_RETURN (T7265)
  • build: fix evas static build of gl engines
  • ecore/main: only update loop_time during loop iteration if the change is monotonic
  • evas gl: fix missing map texture target.
  • elm_code: fix crash on backspace and selection delete. (T7259)
  • Fix leak in elm atspi
  • eina_file: set errno on open fail for win32 build
  • evas-gl-drm: Fix issue of rotation not actually rotating (T7690)
  • solve neon rotation issue by moving to the tiled rotator

EFL 1.22.0 alpha 1

  • 2019-03-04 - by Stefan Schmidt

This alpha release for 1.22 starts the freeze period and stabilization phase for the 1.22 release cycle. There are still problems to fix and we appreciate any tester of this to let us know about problems seen. This goes for packaging, testing with efl based applications, integration into your systems, etc.

For packagers we have one bonus item to test. 1.22 will be the last release using our autotools build system. From 1.23 onwards we will use meson, which is already in place and working well for developers. To ensure early on testing for packagers as well we produced a tarball with meson for this alpha release as well. Find it here (sha256 sum). The official tarball for 1.22 will still be produced with autotools and the link can be found below.


LINK SHA256 453fc38a6b0d275cb7a872dbfc3a07feba6869180f0341162c14755c374fa177


  • evas textblock: add/apply cursor cluster APIs based on grapheme cluster
  • efl_ui_spin_button: Addded direction feature.
  • scroller: refactory a momentum scroll animator
  • elementary textpath: support legacy APIs
  • elementary transit: add a convenient API.
  • elementary transit: add a new api - elm_transit_progress_value_set()
  • Text: add markup_range_get
  • Canvas layout: support more Efl.Text.* with efl_part
  • efl: Add support to elput for using elogind instead of systemd
  • eina: add locale-independent eina_convert_strtod_c function
  • elm perf tool - bring one back to efl
  • eina: add locale-independent eina_convert_strtod_c function
  • elm perf tool - bring one back to efl
  • efl gfx_path: introduce efl_gfx_path_reserve()
  • efl gfx_path: remove EFL_GFX_PATH_EVENT_CHANGED
  • efl gfx_path: remove EFL_GFX_PATH_EVENT_CHANGED
  • gfx: Add size hint fill (EO) (T3912)
  • efl_app: add “standby” event (T5494)
  • edje_cc: fail upon detecting invalid part description references in programs (T7016)
  • elput: Add API to allow settings tap-to-click on pointer device
  • ecore_drm2: Add API to allow settings tap-to-click on pointer device
  • efl_ui_win: add 'exit_on_all_windows_closed' class property and unit test (T5494)
  • efl_ui_win: add 'exit_on_close' property and unit test (T5494)
  • eo: implement class overriding (+unit tests) (T7516)
  • eolian gen: initial support for reflection api
  • efl_ui_relative_layout: introduce new relative container (T5487)
  • eolian: introduce typed slice types
  • eolian: add support for inlist structs


  • ecore_wl2_dmabuf: Link with ecore_wl2 (T7327)
  • ecore_wl2_dmabuf: Depend on ecore_wl2 (T7327)
  • efl selection manager - avoid multiple selection get callbacks for req
  • evas image: fix a bug in image preloading.
  • evas canvas: fix null possibility of evas_object_above_get().
  • edje: Remove hack code
  • efl gfx_path: prevent buffer overflow.
  • ecore_main: fix the invalid return value
  • eina_vpath: fix the memory leak
  • elementary: remove meaningless memory allocation and leaking
  • elementary: fix memory leak from Efl.Ui.Layout.Object
  • evas gl: fix invalid image size.
  • elementary entry: apply scale to all edje objects
  • eina debug: fix a double unlock issue
  • elm_theme: fix return value when default style fallback is done
  • evas vg: fix memory leak.
  • devas vg: return default root node if possible.
  • evas vg: fix memory leak at gradient.
  • evas filter: remove critical messages from Evas Filter
  • elementary transit: fix wrong pausing time calculation.
  • Canvas text: fix line_jump_by logic
  • cxx: explicitly require c++11 and fix tests to conform
  • edje: fix an overflow issue for state values
  • evas textblock: remove white space after line-break by a next item
  • evas ector: fix memory leaks.
  • evas vg: update render properly.
  • ector software: make a pair of ref/unref.
  • evas gl: recover current program state.
  • ecore_evas - fix aninmator based frame render ticking to full framerate
  • ecore evas - buffer - init ecore event evas as many times as shutdown
  • eina: fix a build failure caused by missing 'locale_t' from OSX
  • ecore_con: handle timeout of the attempt to connect.
  • ecore_evas - fix aninmator based frame render ticking to full framerate
  • ecore evas - buffer - init ecore event evas as many times as shutdown
  • eina: fix a build failure caused by missing 'locale_t' from OSX
  • ecore_con: handle timeout of the attempt to connect.
  • evas gl - make GLintptr etc. also ndefed for GL_VERSION_1_5 fix typedef (T7502)
  • ecore-drm2: Fix drmModeSetCrtc call during fb flip
  • textblock: Fix crash with filters
  • edje - stop trying to access ready deleted exrt/group swallow objects
  • evas: remove memory leaks from deleted Textblock objects
  • elm - dnd - restore to working as drop targets
  • elm_config: Free data returned from eet_read
  • ui/flip: fix efl_pack usage
  • elm_entry: make file loading succeed on 0-sized files (T6562)
  • theme: fix odd state setting on some items for list/genlist/gengrid
  • theme: correct part name in program for elm/hover/base/main_menu_submenu/default (T6219)
  • theme: remove a ton of invalid part description references in various programs (T6873)
  • ecore-evas/extn: use evas from events when updating key masks (T5536)
  • edje: apply maps to textblock cursors and backgrounds (T4977)
  • ecore drm2 - work around kms/drm bug seemingly when no flip event comes
  • elm textpath: reduces differences between actual pos and modified pos
  • elm_map: Make more robust elm_map (T7443)

Terminology 1.3.2 Release

  • 2018-12-18 - by Boris Faure

While working on Terminology 1.3.1, I introduced a regression: clicking on links had no longer any effect. Release 1.3.2 fixes that issue.

  • Clicking on links works again
Terminology 1.3.2 XZ b5171181da42cc5f384238f71e43302c2c760938f6a8ab931647ccdad4ef94cd

Terminology 1.3.1 Release

  • 2018-12-16 - by Boris Faure

I was made aware of a security issue in Terminology this morning. I acknowledged the issue and worked on a fix that is now provided in Terminology 1.3.1.

The issue is a Remote Code Execution vulnerability caused by Terminology's special escape codes. Those can already be disabled in the Settings panel.

  • Add manpages about Terminology's helpers
  • Do not popup unknown media types (security issue)
  • Right-click on hyperlinks no longer crashes
Terminology 1.3.1 XZ 5f8abe4a2a2dd0270c32f2c4f93078a7f759e067b6e8cf998994a06342948981

Thanks to Ben N for reporting the issue in a very clear way.

Terminology 1.3.0 Release

  • 2018-11-23 - by Boris Faure

On this Black Friday, I am pleased to release Terminology 1.3.0!

  • Hyperlink escape code support
  • Optimize escape code parsing by improving cell copies
  • Fix issues about settings panel
  • Do not pass input when tab selector is up
  • Escape code fixes
Terminology 1.3.0 XZ 3995db51f810b39bc4d69894121030014bec18ce409a70b74ab1c66923127c1f

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