Documentation Contributions

The Enlightenment Project welcomes contributors to its documentation efforts, whether as simple as fixing a typographical error or creating a new in-depth reference article. Good documentation should be at the heart of any project, and the Enlightenment Project is no exception.

Before contributing, please take the time to read through the following documentation.

Document Contribution Guide

To ensure consistency and quality between multiple authors the Enlightenment Project has an official Documentation Contribution Guide which explains the format, style, and layout of official documentation.

While contributors to the Enlightenment Project are located all around the globe, just like its users, all official documentation is written and published in American English. The Documentation Contribution Guide contains further details on grammar and syntax, as well as technical information about the Markdown Extra markup language in which documents are formatted.

Eolian Documentation Guide

Developers working with the Enlightenment Foundation Library may also wish to contribute to the documentation contained within the application programming interface itself in the form of Eolian files. If so, the Eolian Documentation Guide contains information on the format of the .eo files which contain the Eolian documentation.

Note that selected conventions from the Documentation Contribution Guide, such as the use of American English, apply here as well as in general documentation.

More information is also available in the Eolian File Format Specification, which provides a quick reference to the format of Eolian files.

Using DokuWiki

The Enlightenment Project's documentation is held on the website using the DokuWiki content management system. Anyone wishing to contribute will need to register a user account using a valid email address, providing both a user name and their real name.

DokuWiki user accounts can be used to edit existing documentation as well as create new pages. For more information on DokuWiki consult the DokuWiki Manual.

Additional Documentation

Although all primary documentation is stored on the main website, selected technical documentation is instead located on the Phabricator Ticket System Wiki. Where a document is available on both DokuWiki and Phabricator, the DokuWiki version should be considered canonical.

If you encounter documentation available exclusively on the Phabricator Ticket System Wiki consider rewriting it in Markdown Extra format and uploading it to DokuWiki for easier access.

IRC Channels

The official Enlightenment IRC channels, hosted on the Libera Chat network, are often the quickest way to communicate with Enlightenment developers. Available in English, German, French, and Korean, the channels are accessible 24/7 and are open to both developers and end-users, and can provide instant feedback or answers to queries raised as you work on documentation.

Connection information is as follows:

IRC Server Port Channel Topic 6667 #e General

Mailing Lists

The Enlightenment Project maintains several mailing lists, full details of which are available on the Contact page. The lists of interest to a documentation contributor, which are available in English only, are as follows:

Mailing List Archive Topic
enlightenment-devel SourceForge E/EFL development discussion
enlightenment-announce SourceForge E/EFL announcements