Hints on the object's maximum size.

This is not a size enforcement in any way, it's just a hint that should be used whenever appropriate.

The object container is in charge of fetching this property and placing the object accordingly.

Values -1 will be treated as unset hint components, when queried by managers.

Smart objects (such as elementary) can have their own hint policy. So calling this API may or may not affect the size of smart objects.
It is an error for the Efl.Gfx.Hint.hint_size_max to be smaller in either axis than Efl.Gfx.Hint.hint_size_min. In this scenario, the max size hint will be prioritized over the user min size hint.

Since 1.22


  • sz - Maximum size (hint) in pixels, (-1, -1) by default for canvas objects).


@property hint_size_max @pure_virtual {
    get {}
    set {}
    values {
        sz: Eina.Size2D;

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