Efl.Ui.Layout_Part_Bg (class)


Elementary layout internal part background class

Since 1.23



finalize [Overridden from Efl.Object]

Implement this method to finish the initialization of your object after all (if any) user-provided configuration methods have been executed.
Efl_Object *efl_finalize(Eo *obj);


loaded (get)
color_code (get, set) Hexadecimal color code of given Evas object (#RRGGBBAA).
border_insets (get, set) Dimensions of this image's border, a region that does not scale with the center area.
border_insets_scale (get, set) Scaling factor applied to the image borders.
can_downscale (get, set) If true, the image may be scaled to a smaller size. If false, the image will never be resized smaller than its native size.
can_upscale (get, set) If true, the image may be scaled to a larger size. If false, the image will never be resized larger than its native size.
center_fill_mode (get, set) Specifies how the center part of the object (not the borders) should be drawn when EFL is rendering it.
content_hint (get, set) Content hint setting for the image. These hints might be used by EFL to enable optimizations.
content_region (get)
image_load_error (get)
image_size (get)
ratio (get)
scale_hint (get, set) The scale hint of a given image of the canvas.
scale_method (get, set) Determine how the image is scaled at render time.
smooth_scale (get, set) Whether to use high-quality image scaling algorithm for this image.
stretch_region (get, set) This property defines the stretchable pixels region of an image.
allow_parent_unref (get, set) Allow an object to be deleted by unref even if it has a parent.
children_iterator_new Get an iterator on all children.
comment (get, set) A human readable comment for the object.
composite_attach Make an object a composite object of another.
composite_detach Detach a composite object from another object.
composite_part_is Check if an object is part of a composite object.
constructor Implement this method to provide optional initialization code for your object.
debug_name_override Build a read-only name for this object used for debugging.
event_callback_forwarder_del Remove an event callback forwarder for a specified event and object.
event_callback_forwarder_priority_add Add an event callback forwarder that will make this object emit an event whenever another object (source) emits it. The event is said to be forwarded from source to this object.
event_callback_stop Stop the current callback call.
event_freeze Freeze events of this object.
event_freeze_count (get)
static event_global_freeze Globally freeze events for ALL EFL OBJECTS.
static event_global_freeze_count (get)
static event_global_thaw Globally thaw events for ALL EFL OBJECTS.
event_thaw Thaw events of object.
finalized (get)
invalidate Implement this method to perform special actions when your object loses its parent, if you need to.
invalidated (get)
invalidating (get)
name (get, set) The name of the object.
name_find Find a child object with the given name and return it.
parent (get, set) The parent of an object.
provider_find Searches upwards in the object tree for a provider which knows the given class/interface.
provider_register Will register a manager of a specific class to be answered by Efl.Object.provider_find.
provider_unregister Will unregister a manager of a specific class that was previously registered and answered by Efl.Object.provider_find.
destructor Implement this method to provide deinitialization code for your object if you need it.
property_bind bind property data with the given key string. when the data is ready or changed, bind the data to the key action and process promised work.
color (get, set) The general/main color of the given Evas object.
file (get, set) The file path from where an object will fetch the data.
key (get, set) The key which corresponds to the target data within a file.
load Perform all necessary operations to open and load file data into the object using the Efl.File.file (or Efl.File.mmap) and Efl.File.key properties.
mmap (get, set) The mmaped file from where an object will fetch the real data (it must be an Eina.File).
unload Perform all necessary operations to unload file data from the object.



image,preload_state,changed If true, image data has been preloaded and can be displayed. If false, the image data has been unloaded and can no longer be displayed.
image,resized Image was resized (its pixel data). The event data is the image's new size.
del Object is being deleted. See Efl.Object.destructor.
destruct Object has been fully destroyed. It can not be used beyond this point. This event should only serve to clean up any reference you keep to the object.
invalidate Object is being invalidated and losing its parent. See Efl.Object.invalidate.
noref Object has lost its last reference, only parent relationship is keeping it alive. Advanced usage.
ownership,shared Object has acquired a second reference. It has multiple owners now. Triggered whenever increasing the refcount from one to two, it will not trigger by further increasing the refcount beyond two.
ownership,unique Object has lost a reference and only one is left. It has just one owner now. Triggered whenever the refcount goes from two to one.
properties,changed Event dispatched when a property on the object has changed due to a user interaction on the object that a model could be interested in.
property,bound Event dispatched when a property on the object is bound to a model. This is useful to avoid generating too many events.