Inserts subobj at the specified index.

Valid range: -count to +count. -1 refers to the last element. Out of range indices will trigger an append.

When this container is deleted, it will request deletion of the given subobj. Use Efl.Pack.unpack to remove subobj from this container without deleting it.


pack_at @pure_virtual {
    params {
        @in subobj: free(Efl.Gfx, efl_del);
        @in index: int;
    return: bool;

C signature

Eina_Bool efl_pack_at(Eo *obj, Efl_Gfx *subobj, int index);


  • subobj (in) - Item to pack at given index.
  • index (in) - A position.

Implemented by

  • Efl.Pack.Linear.pack_at