Debugging EFL C Applications

The following documentation contains guides demonstrating tool-based debugging based on examples written in the C language. Language-agnostic debugging documentation and links to examples for other languages, where available, can be found in Debugging EFL Applications.

Debugging with GDB

Debugging with GDB demonstrates the use of the GNU Debugger to handle common issues encountered when programming with the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL).

Debugging with Valgrind

Debugging with Valgrind demonstrates how to track down memory issues, such as memory leaks, using the Valgrind debugger.

Debugging with Clouseau

Debugging with Clouseau demonstrates how to install and use Clouseau, the EFL user interface inspection tool, to explore and debug a basic graphical application written with EFL.

Remote Debugging

Remote Debugging explains how GDB and Clouseau can be used to debug a remote device over serial or network connections, allowing for easier diagnosis of issues on esoteric platforms or which result in graphical corruption or loss of user control when executed on the local system.