Recompiling with Debug Symbols

A standard installation of Enlightenment or EFL is compiled without debug symbols, meaning that debugging tools are unable to extract much information. In order that a backtrace, Valgrind or any any other collection method provides good-quality information the program must be recompiled with debugging symbols activated.

Debugging symbols can be added using the -g flag during compilation. If you have already configured your own custom compiler flags you will need to add -g to them. If you do not use any custom compiler flags you can set sensible defaults for debugging with the following command:

export CFLAGS="-O -march=native -g"

Recompile each of the individual libraries, and Enlightenment itself if required, with:

make clean distclean
make install

If your build environment has a different workflow, alter the above steps accordingly while remembering to retain the distclean option.