Animation and Effect Types: Using Various Effect and Effect Types

The animation and effect tutorials demonstrate how to create and implement a variety of animation effects with EFL and Elementary.

Ecore Animator: Creating Ecore Animations

This tutorial demonstrates how you can use Ecore animators to simplify the creation of animations. Using Ecore animators, you can manually create your own animations by changing and manipulating Evas object attributes. Ecore animators work like timers, running callback functions over a given duration (an animation timeline).

Table of Contents

Ecore Animator Example :
The Whole Code__: ecore_animator.c —- ==== Edje Animation: Using the Edje Library to Create Animations ==== One of the greatest strengths of EFL and Edje is the ability to create animations. This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Edje library to create your own animations. === Table of Contents === * Animating on Application Start-up * Animating Object on Click
The Whole Code__:
edje_animation.c edje_animation.edc

Elementary Animations: Applying Transition Effects to an Evas Object

This tutorial demonstrates how you can use Elm Transit to create animated transitions effects, such as rotation, wiping, zooming, resizing, and fading, to an Evas_Object.

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