Tooltips Widgets

The tooltip widget is a smart object that shows a content in a frame when mouse hovers a parent object. The widget provides tips or information about the parent object.

Table of Contents

Adding a Tooltips

The tooltip widget cannot be created with the elm_tooltip_add() function. This widget is already contained in a widget when it is created. We can only activate or disable it.

Activating the Tooltip

To activate the tooltip on a parent object, we can set a tooltip text to the parent object,

elm_object_tooltip_text_set(parent, "The tooltip text");

or set a content to the parent object.

tooltip_content_cb(void*data, Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Object *tooltip)
   // Create the tooltip content
static void
tooltip_content_del_cb(void *data, Evas_Object *obj, void *event_info)
   // Destroy the tooltip content

When passing content to the tooltip, the tooltip_content_cb function is called each time the tooltip is showed. The role of this function is to create the content to set in the tooltip. It returns a pointer to an Evas_Object.

When the tooltip disappears, the tooltip_content_del_cb function is called. This function is in charge of deleting the previously allocated Evas_Object.

Once set, the tooltip can be manually hidden or shown.


The tooltip can be removed from the parent object when it is not needed.

When content is set into the tooltip object, unsetting it calls the callback provided as del_cb to notify that the tooltip cannot be used any longer.

Configuring Tooltip

Set the orientation of the tooltip widget relative to its parent. By default, ELM_TOOLTIP_ORIENT_NONE is set.

  • ELM_TOOLTIP_ORIENT_NONE: Default value, Tooltip moves with mouse pointer.
  • ELM_TOOLTIP_ORIENT_TOP_LEFT: Tooltip should appear at the top left of parent.
  • ELM_TOOLTIP_ORIENT_TOP: Tooltip should appear at the top of parent.
  • ELM_TOOLTIP_ORIENT_TOP_RIGHT: Tooltip should appear at the top right of parent.
  • ELM_TOOLTIP_ORIENT_LEFT: Tooltip should appear at the left of parent.
  • ELM_TOOLTIP_ORIENT_CENTER: Tooltip should appear at the center of parent.
  • ELM_TOOLTIP_ORIENT_RIGHT: Tooltip should appear at the right of parent.
  • ELM_TOOLTIP_ORIENT_BOTTOM_LEFT: Tooltip should appear at the bottom left of parent.
  • ELM_TOOLTIP_ORIENT_BOTTOM: Tooltip should appear at the bottom of parent.
  • ELM_TOOLTIP_ORIENT_BOTTOM_RIGHT: Tooltip should appear at the bottom right of parent.
  • ELM_TOOLTIP_ORIENT_LAST: Sentinel value, don't use.

A tooltip object is not a widget, so it does not emit signals. There are no registered callbacks for it.