Efl.Ui.List (class)


A scrollable list of Efl.Ui.Item objects, typically Efl.Ui.List_Default_Item objects.

Items are added using the Efl.Pack_Linear interface.

The orientation (vertical or horizontal) of the list can be set with Efl.Ui.Layout_Orientable.orientation.

Items inside this widget can be selected according to the Efl.Ui.Multi_Selectable.select_mode policy, and the selection can be retrieved with Efl.Ui.Multi_Selectable.selected_iterator_new.

Efl.Ui.List supports grouping by using Efl.Ui.Group_Item objects. Group headers are displayed at the top or left side of the viewport if items belonging to the group are visible in the viewport.

Since 1.23


Efl.Ui.Collection (class)Efl.Ui.Layout_Base (class)Efl.Ui.Widget (class)Efl.Canvas.Group (class)Efl.Canvas.Object (class)Efl.Loop_Consumer (class)Efl.Object (class)

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constructor [Overridden from Efl.Object]

Implement this method to provide optional initialization code for your object.
Efl_Object *efl_constructor(Eo *obj);


protected accessible_at_point_get Gets top component object occupying space at given coordinates.
protected contains Contains accessible widget
protected extents (get, set) Geometry of accessible widget.
protected screen_position (get, set) Position of accessible widget.
protected z_order (get)
static access_root (get)
access_type (get, set) Type of accessibility object
attribute_append Add key-value pair identifying object extra attributes
attribute_del delete key-value pair identifying object extra attributes when key is given
attributes_clear Removes all attributes in accessible object.
description (get, set) Contextual information about object.
relationship_append Defines the relationship between two accessible objects.
relationship_remove Removes the relationship between two accessible objects.
relationships_clear Removes all relationships in accessible object.
role (get, set) The role of the object in accessibility domain.
translation_domain (get, set) The translation domain of "name" and "description" properties.
static protected event_emit Emit event
static protected event_handler_add Register accessibility event listener
static protected event_handler_del Deregister accessibility event listener
protected index_in_parent (get)
protected localized_role_name (get)
protected reading_info_type (get, set) Reading information of an accessible object.
protected relations_get Gets an all relations between accessible object and other accessible objects.
protected role_name (get)
group_change Marks the object as dirty.
group_member_is Finds out if a given object is a member of this group.
group_members_iterate Returns an iterator over the children of this object, which are canvas objects.
group_need_recalculate (get, set) Indicates that the group's layout needs to be recalculated.
paragraph_direction (get, set) This handles text paragraph direction of the given object. Even if the given object is not textblock or text, its smart child objects can inherit the paragraph direction from the given object. The default paragraph direction is inherit.
protected group_clipper (get)
above (get)
anti_alias (get, set) Whether or not the given Evas object is to be drawn anti-aliased.
below (get)
clipped_objects (get)
clipped_objects_count Returns the number of objects clipped by obj
coords_inside (get)
event_freeze Freeze events of this object.
event_thaw Thaw events of object.
geometry (get, set) Rectangular geometry that combines both position and size.
gesture_manager_get Returns current canvas's gesture manager
has_fixed_size (get, set) A hint for an object that its size will not change.
hint_align (get, set) Hints for an object's alignment.
hint_aspect (get, set) Defines the aspect ratio to respect when scaling this object.
hint_fill (get, set) Hints for an object's fill property that used to specify "justify" or "fill" by some users. Efl.Gfx.Hint.hint_fill specify whether to fill the space inside the boundaries of a container/manager.
hint_margin (get, set) Hints for an object's margin or padding space.
hint_size_combined_max (get)
hint_size_combined_min (get)
hint_size_max (get, set) Hints on the object's maximum size.
hint_size_min (get, set) Hints on the object's minimum size.
protected set hint_size_restricted_max (get, set) Internal hints for an object's maximum size.
protected set hint_size_restricted_min (get, set) Internal hints for an object's minimum size.
hint_weight (get, set) Hints for an object's weight.
key_focus (get, set) Indicates that this object is the keyboard event receiver on its canvas.
key_grab Requests keyname key events be directed to obj.
key_ungrab Removes the grab on keyname key events by obj.
layer (get, set) The layer of its canvas that the given object will be part of.
loop (get)
lower_to_bottom Lower obj to the bottom of its layer.
pass_events (get, set) Whether an Evas object is to pass (ignore) events.
pointer_inside (get)
pointer_mode (get, set) Low-level pointer behaviour.
pointer_mode_by_device (get, set) Low-level pointer behaviour by device. See Efl.Canvas.Object.pointer_mode.get and Efl.Canvas.Object.pointer_mode.set for more explanation.
precise_is_inside (get, set) Whether to use precise (usually expensive) point collision detection for a given Evas object.
propagate_events (get, set) Whether events on a smart object's member should be propagated up to its parent.
raise_to_top Raise obj to the top of its layer.
render_op (get, set) Render mode to be used for compositing the Evas object.
repeat_events (get, set) Whether an Evas object is to repeat events to objects below it.
seat_event_filter (get, set) Whether input events from a given seat are enabled. If the filter list is empty (no seat is disabled) this object will report mouse, keyboard and focus events from any seat, otherwise those events will only be reported if the event comes from a seat that is not in the list.
seat_focus (get)
seat_focus_add Add a seat to the focus list.
seat_focus_check Check if this object is focused by a given seat
seat_focus_del Remove a seat from the focus list.
stack_above Stack obj immediately above
stack_below Stack obj immediately below
protected render_parent (get)
color_code (get, set) Hexadecimal color code of given Evas object (#RRGGBBAA).
lighting_3d Apply a lighting effect on the object.
lighting_3d_absolute Apply a lighting effect to the object.
mapping_alpha (get, set) Alpha flag for map rendering.
mapping_clockwise (get)
mapping_color (get, set) Color of a vertex in the map.
mapping_coord_absolute (get, set) A point's absolute coordinate on the canvas.
mapping_has Read-only property indicating whether an object is mapped.
mapping_point_count (get, set) Number of points of a map.
mapping_reset Resets the map transformation to its default state.
mapping_smooth (get, set) Smoothing state for map rendering.
mapping_uv (get, set) Map point's U and V texture source point.
perspective_3d Apply a perspective transform to the map
perspective_3d_absolute Apply a perspective transform to the map
rotate Apply a rotation to the object.
rotate_3d Rotate the object around 3 axes in 3D.
rotate_3d_absolute Rotate the object around 3 axes in 3D, using absolute coordinates.
rotate_absolute Apply a rotation to the object, using absolute coordinates.
rotate_quat Rotate the object in 3D using a unit quaternion.
rotate_quat_absolute Rotate the object in 3D using a unit quaternion, using absolute coordinates.
translate Apply a translation to the object using map.
zoom Apply a zoom to the object.
zoom_absolute Apply a zoom to the object, using absolute coordinates.
future_rejected Creates a new future that is already rejected to a specified error using the Efl.Loop_Consumer.loop.get.
future_resolved Creates a new future that is already resolved to a value.
parent (get, set) The parent of an object.
promise_new Create a new promise with the scheduler coming from the loop provided by this object.
allow_parent_unref (get, set) Allow an object to be deleted by unref even if it has a parent.
children_iterator_new Get an iterator on all children.
comment (get, set) A human readable comment for the object.
composite_attach Make an object a composite object of another.
composite_detach Detach a composite object from another object.
composite_part_is Check if an object is part of a composite object.
event_callback_forwarder_del Remove an event callback forwarder for a specified event and object.
event_callback_forwarder_priority_add Add an event callback forwarder that will make this object emit an event whenever another object (source) emits it. The event is said to be forwarded from source to this object.
event_callback_stop Stop the current callback call.
event_freeze_count (get)
static event_global_freeze Globally freeze events for ALL EFL OBJECTS.
static event_global_freeze_count (get)
static event_global_thaw Globally thaw events for ALL EFL OBJECTS.
finalized (get)
invalidated (get)
invalidating (get)
name (get, set) The name of the object.
name_find Find a child object with the given name and return it.
provider_register Will register a manager of a specific class to be answered by Efl.Object.provider_find.
provider_unregister Will unregister a manager of a specific class that was previously registered and answered by Efl.Object.provider_find.
all_select Select all Efl.Ui.Selectable
all_unselect Unselect all Efl.Ui.Selectable
content_count Returns the number of contained sub-objects.
content_iterate Begin iterating over this object's contents.
destructor Implement this method to provide deinitialization code for your object if you need it.
fallback_selection (get, set) A object that will be selected in case nothing is selected
finalize Implement this method to finish the initialization of your object after all (if any) user-provided configuration methods have been executed.
invalidate Implement this method to perform special actions when your object loses its parent, if you need to.
item_scroll Brings the passed item into the viewport.
item_scroll_align Brings the passed item into the viewport and align it.
last_selected (get)
match_content (set)
move Moves the focus in the given direction to the next regular widget.
orientation (get, set) Control the direction of a given widget.
pack Adds a sub-object to this container.
pack_after Append an object after the existing sub-object.
pack_at Inserts subobj BEFORE the sub-object at position index.
pack_before Prepend an object before the existing sub-object.
pack_begin Prepend an object at the beginning of this container.
pack_clear Removes all packed sub-objects and unreferences them.
pack_content_get Sub-object at a given index in this container.
pack_end Append object at the end of this container.
pack_index_get Get the index of a sub-object in this container.
pack_unpack_at Pop out (remove) the sub-object at the specified index.
position_manager (get, set) Position manager object that handles placement of items.
range_select Select a range of Efl.Ui.Selectable.
range_unselect Unselect a range of Efl.Ui.Selectable.
select_mode (get, set) The mode type for children selection.
selected_iterator_new Get the selected items in a iterator. The iterator sequence will be decided by selection.
unpack Removes an existing sub-object from the container without deleting it.
unpack_all Removes all packed sub-objects without unreferencing them.
protected focus_manager_create If the widget needs a focus manager, this function will be called.
protected focus_state_apply Apply a new focus state on the widget.
protected theme_apply Virtual function called when the widget needs to re-apply its theme.
drag_action_set Set the action for the drag
drag_cancel Cancel the on-going drag
drag_start Start a drag and drop process at the drag side. During dragging, there are three events emitted as belows: - EFL_UI_DND_EVENT_DRAG_POS - EFL_UI_DND_EVENT_DRAG_ACCEPT - EFL_UI_DND_EVENT_DRAG_DONE
drop_target_add Make the current object as drop target. There are four events emitted: - EFL_UI_DND_EVENT_DRAG_ENTER - EFL_UI_DND_EVENT_DRAG_LEAVE - EFL_UI_DND_EVENT_DRAG_POS - EFL_UI_DND_EVENT_DRAG_DROP.
drop_target_del Delete the dropable status from object
border_elements (get)
dirty_logic_freeze Disables the cache invalidation when an object is moved.
dirty_logic_unfreeze Enables the cache invalidation when an object is moved.
fetch Fetches the data from a registered node.
logical_end Returns the last logical object.
manager_focus (get, set) The element which is currently focused by this manager.
pop_history_stack Removes the uppermost history element, and focuses the previous one.
redirect (get, set) Add another manager to serve the move requests.
request_move Returns the object in the direction from child.
request_subchild Returns the widget in the direction next.
reset_history Resets the history stack of this manager object. This means the uppermost element will be unfocused, and all other elements will be removed from the remembered list.
root (get, set) Root node for all logical sub-trees.
setup_on_first_touch Called when this manager is set as redirect.
viewport_elements (get)
setup_order Tells the object that its children will be queried soon by the focus manager. Overwrite this to have a chance to update the order of the children. Deleting items in this call will result in undefined behaviour and may cause your system to crash.
protected child_focus (get, set) Indicates if a child of this object has focus set to true.
protected setup_order_non_recursive This is called when Efl.Ui.Focus.Object.setup_order is called, but only on the first call, additional recursive calls to Efl.Ui.Focus.Object.setup_order will not call this function again.
automatic_theme_rotation (get, set) This flag tells if this object will automatically mirror the rotation changes of the window to this object.
calc_auto_update_hints (get, set) Whether this object updates its size hints automatically.
calc_freeze Freezes the layout object.
calc_parts_extends Calculates the geometry of the region, relative to a given layout object's area, occupied by all parts in the object.
calc_size_min Calculates the minimum required size for a given layout object.
calc_thaw Thaws the layout object.
disabled (get, set) Whether the widget is enabled (accepts and reacts to user inputs).
factory_bind bind the factory with the given key string. when the data is ready or changed, factory create the object and bind the data to the key action and process promised work. Note: the input Efl.Ui.Factory need to be Efl.Ui.Property_Bind.property_bind at least once.
finger_size_multiplier (get, set) Set a multiplier for applying finger size to the layout.
group_calculate Triggers an immediate recalculation of this object's geometry.
group_data (get)
group_size_max (get)
group_size_min (get)
l10n_text (get, set) A unique string to be translated.
language (get, set) The (human) language for this object.
message_send Sends an (Edje) message to a given Edje object
part_exist (get)
property_bind bind property data with the given key string. when the data is ready or changed, bind the data to the key action and process promised work.
signal_callback_add Adds a callback for an arriving Edje signal, emitted by a given Edje object.
signal_callback_del Removes a signal-triggered callback from an object.
signal_emit Sends/emits an Edje signal to this layout.
signal_process Processes an object's messages and signals queue.
theme (get, set) The theme of this widget, defines which edje group will be used.
theme_rotation_apply Apply a new rotation value to this object.
protected calc_force Forces a Size/Geometry calculation.
protected on_focus_update Virtual function handling focus in/out events on the widget.
protected part_get Returns Efl.Ui.Widget_Part.
protected widget_sub_object_add Virtual function customizing sub objects being added.
protected widget_sub_object_del Virtual function customizing sub objects being removed.
bounce_enabled (get, set) When scrolling, the scroller may "bounce" when reaching the edge of the content object. This is a visual way to indicate the end has been reached. This is enabled by default for both axes. This property determines if bouncing is enabled in each axis. When bouncing is disabled, scrolling just stops upon reaching the end of the content.
content_pos (get, set) Position of the content inside the scroller.
content_size (get)
gravity (get, set) Control scrolling gravity on the scrollable.
looping (get, set) Controls infinite looping for a scroller.
movement_block (get, set) Blocking of scrolling (per axis).
scroll Show a specific virtual region within the scroller content object.
scroll_freeze (get, set) Freezes scrolling movement (by input of a user). Unlike Efl.Ui.Scrollable.movement_block, this property freezes bidirectionally. If you want to freeze in only one direction, see Efl.Ui.Scrollable.movement_block.
scroll_hold (get, set) When hold turns on, it only scrolls by holding action.
step_size (get, set) Amount to scroll in response to cursor key presses.
viewport_geometry (get)
bar_mode (get, set) Scrollbar visibility mode, for each of the scrollbars.
bar_position (get, set) Position of the thumb (the draggable zone) inside the scrollbar. It is calculated based on current position of the viewport inside the total content.
bar_size (get)
protected bar_visibility_update Update bar visibility.
has_owner Determine whether the selection data has owner
selection_clear Clear the selection data from the object
selection_get Get the data from the object that has selection
selection_set Set the selection data to the object
access_info (get, set) Accessibility information.
clipper (get, set) Clip one object to another.
color (get, set) This will set the color on every object in the sub-tree including those that are not Efl.Ui.Widget (like simple Efl.Canvas.Object objects that are added via Efl.Canvas.Group.group_member_add).
cursor (get, set) The cursor to be shown when mouse is over the object
cursor_style (get, set) A different style for the cursor.
cursor_theme_search_enabled (get, set) Whether the cursor may be looked in the theme or not.
debug_name_override Build a read-only name for this object used for debugging.
protected set focus (get, set) Whether the widget is currently focused or not.
focus_allow (get, set) The ability for a widget to be focused.
focus_geometry (get)
focus_manager (get)
focus_move_policy (get, set) The widget's focus move policy.
focus_move_policy_automatic (get, set) Control the widget's focus_move_policy mode setting.
focus_parent (get)
group_member_add Set a canvas object as a member of a given group (or smart object).
group_member_remove Removes a member object from a given smart object.
i18n_name (get, set) Accessible name of the object.
mirrored (get, set) Whether this object should be mirrored.
mirrored_automatic (get, set) Whether the property Efl.Ui.I18n.mirrored should be set automatically.
model (get, set) Model that is/will be
no_render (get, set) Disables all rendering on the canvas.
position (get, set) The 2D position of a canvas object.
provider_find Searches upwards in the object tree for a provider which knows the given class/interface.
scale (get, set) The scaling factor of an object.
scroll_freeze_pop Pop scroller freeze
scroll_freeze_push Push scroller freeze
scroll_hold_pop Pop scroller hold
scroll_hold_push Push scroll hold
size (get, set) The 2D size of a canvas object.
style (get, set) The widget style to use.
visible (get, set) The visibility of a canvas object.
protected access_children (get)
protected attributes (get)
protected focus_grab Focuses accessible widget.
protected focus_highlight_geometry (get)
protected interest_region (get)
protected on_access_activate Hook function called when widget is activated through accessibility.
protected on_access_update Hook function called when accessibility is changed on the widget.
protected resize_object (set)
protected state_set (get)
protected translation_update This implements the calls to gettext() and text_set().
protected widget_input_event_handler Virtual function handling input events on the widget.
protected widget_parent (get, set) The internal parent of this widget.



active,descendant,changed Called when active state of descendant has changed
added Called when item is added
bounds,changed Called when boundaries have changed
children,changed Called when children have changed
property,changed Called when property has changed
removed Called when item is removed
state,changed Called when state has changed
visible,data,changed Called when visibility has changed
member,added Called when a member is added to the group.
member,removed Called when a member is removed from the group.
animator,tick Animator tick synchronized with screen vsync if possible.
content,added Sent after a new sub-object was added.
content,removed Sent after a sub-object was removed, before unref.
gesture,double_tap Emitted when a Double-tap gesture has been detected. A Double-tap gesture consists of two taps on the screen (or clicks of the mouse) in quick succession. If the second one is delayed for too long they will be detected as two independent Efl.Gesture.Events.gesture,tap events.
gesture,flick Emitted when a Flick gesture has been detected.
gesture,long_tap Emitted when a Long-tap gesture has been detected. A Long-tap gesture consists of a touch of the screen (or click of the mouse) followed by a release after some time. If the release happens too quickly a Efl.Gesture.Events.gesture,tap event will be emitted instead.
gesture,momentum Emitted when a Momentum gesture has been detected. A Momentum gesture consists of a quick displacement of the finger while touching the screen (or while holding down a mouse button).
gesture,tap Emitted when a Tap gesture has been detected. A Tap gesture consists of a touch of the screen (or click of the mouse) quickly followed by a release. If the release happens too late a Efl.Gesture.Events.gesture,long_tap event will be emitted instead.
gesture,triple_tap Emitted when a Triple-tap gesture has been detected. A Triple-tap gesture consists of three taps on the screen (or clicks of the mouse) in quick succession. If any of them is delayed for too long they will be detected as independent Efl.Gesture.Events.gesture,tap or Efl.Gesture.Events.gesture,double_tap events.
gesture,zoom Emitted when a Zoom gesture has been detected. A Zoom gesture consists of two fingers touching the screen and separating ("zoom in") or getting closer ("zoom out" or "pinch"). This gesture cannot be performed with a mouse as it requires more than one pointer.
position,changed Object was moved, its position during the event is the new one.
size,changed Object was resized, its size during the event is the new one.
visibility,changed Object's visibility state changed, the event value is the new state.
hints,changed Object hints changed.
stacking,changed Object stacking was changed.
finger,down Finger pressed (finger id is known).
finger,move Finger moved (current and previous positions are known).
finger,up Finger released (finger id is known).
focus,in A focus in event.
focus,out A focus out event.
hold All input events are on hold or resumed.
key,down Keyboard key press.
key,up Keyboard key release.
pointer,axis Pen or other axis event update.
pointer,cancel Main pointer button press was cancelled (button id is known). This can happen in rare cases when the window manager passes the focus to a more urgent window, for instance. You probably don't need to listen to this event, as it will be accompanied by an up event.
pointer,down Main pointer button pressed (button id is known).
pointer,in Pointer entered a window or a widget.
pointer,move Main pointer move (current and previous positions are known).
pointer,out Pointer left a window or a widget.
pointer,up Main pointer button released (button id is known).
pointer,wheel Mouse wheel event.
circular,dependency A circular dependency between parts of the object was found.
recalc The layout was recalculated.
del Object is being deleted. See Efl.Object.destructor.
destruct Object has been fully destroyed. It can not be used beyond this point. This event should only serve to clean up any reference you keep to the object.
invalidate Object is being invalidated and losing its parent. See Efl.Object.invalidate.
noref Object has lost its last reference, only parent relationship is keeping it alive. Advanced usage.
ownership,shared Object has acquired a second reference. It has multiple owners now. Triggered whenever increasing the refcount from one to two, it will not trigger by further increasing the refcount beyond two.
ownership,unique Object has lost a reference and only one is left. It has just one owner now. Triggered whenever the refcount goes from two to one.
drag,accept accept drag data
drag,done drag is done (mouse up)
drag,drop called when the drag object dropped on this object
drag,enter called when the drag object enters this object
drag,leave called when the drag object leaves this object
drag,pos called when the drag object changes drag position
coords,dirty Cached relationship calculation results have been invalidated.
dirty_logic_freeze,changed Called when this focus manager is frozen or thawed, even_info being true indicates that it is now frozen, false indicates that it is thawed.
flush,pre After this event, the manager object will calculate relations in the graph. Can be used to add / remove children in a lazy fashion.
manager_focus,changed The manager_focus property has changed. The previously focused object is passed as an event argument.
redirect,changed Redirect object has changed, the old manager is passed as an event argument.
child_focus,changed Emitted if child_focus has changed.
focus,changed Emitted if the focus state has changed.
focus_geometry,changed Emitted if focus geometry of this object has changed.
focus_manager,changed Emitted when a new manager is the parent for this object.
focus_parent,changed Emitted when a new logical parent should be used.
item,clicked A clicked event occurred over an item.
item,clicked,any A clicked,any event occurred over an item.
item,longpressed A longpressed event occurred over an item.
item,pressed A pressed event occurred over an item.
item,unpressed An unpressed event occurred over an item.
theme,changed Called when theme changed
properties,changed Event dispatched when a property on the object has changed due to a user interaction on the object that a model could be interested in.
property,bound Event dispatched when a property on the object is bound to a model. This is useful to avoid generating too many events.
edge,down Called when hitting the bottom edge.
edge,left Called when hitting the left edge.
edge,right Called when hitting the right edge.
edge,up Called when hitting the top edge.
scroll,anim,finished Called when scroll animation finishes.
scroll,anim,started Called when scroll animation starts.
scroll,changed Called when scrolling.
scroll,down Called when scrolling downwards.
scroll,drag,finished Called when scroll drag finishes.
scroll,drag,started Called when scroll drag starts.
scroll,finished Called when scroll operation finishes.
scroll,left Called when scrolling left.
scroll,right Called when scrolling right.
scroll,started Called when scroll operation starts.
scroll,up Called when scrolling upwards.
bar,dragged Emitted when thumb is dragged.
bar,hide Emitted when scrollbar is hidden.
bar,pos,changed Emitted when thumb position has changed.
bar,pressed Emitted when thumb is pressed.
bar,show Emitted when scrollbar is shown.
bar,size,changed Emitted when thumb size has changed.
bar,unpressed Emitted when thumb is unpressed.
wm_selection,changed Called when display server's selection has changed
selection_changed Emitted when there is a change in the selection state. This event will collect all the item selection change events that are happening within one loop iteration. This means, you will only get this event once, even if a lot of items have changed. If you are interested in detailed changes, subscribe to the individual Efl.Ui.Selectable.selected,changed events of each item.
model,changed Event dispatched when a new model is set.
access,changed Called when accessibility changed
language,changed Called when widget language changed